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Affordable, Quality Medical Billing and Coding Services
Dependenable and Reliable Medical Billing and Coding Services
Most Efficient Medical Billing and Coding Systems
When you work with A2Z Precise Medical Billing Services, we use our own software to do billing and coding jobs at no cost to you to provide the highest quality billing and coding services. Our fees are the lowest among our billing companies and there are no hidden fees such as set up or monthly fees. 
Medical billing and coding can be a complex process for you and the staff of your medical practice. Without the help of an experienced team, you all could spend unwanted time focusing on the financial aspects of your practice instead of patient care. Allow our friendly staff to provide the dependable and reliable billing and coding services that you deserve.
Working with A2Z Precise Medical Billing Services can help you increase revenue while reducing costs for your practice. Our goal is to create the most efficient medical billing and coding system for your practice. We will analyze your practice and your revenue to bring the highest return. 
Outsourcing Ensures Considerable Cost Savings

Medical Billing and claim processing are core tasks that directly affect the reimbursement and cash inflow of a medical practice. Owing to periodic changes in federal government policies, and insurance as well as HIPAA norms, claims and bill processing tasks have turned out to be more complex. Frequent advancements in technology have also made it difficult to maintain a comprehensive and cost-effective in-house billing system in healthcare practices. Moreover, the remuneration for knowledgeable experts is presently on the rise whereas the reimbursement rates are not growing proportionally. So many healthcare entities are finding it difficult to perform medical billing tasks within the facility. Outsourcing your billing tasks to an experienced medical billing company would help resolve your billing and claim processing requirements quite efficiently in a budget-friendly manner within the specified time-frame.

Billing services from reliable outsourcing companies would significantly contribute towards improving the revenue and cash-inflow of your practice. When comparing the expenses, specialized billing outsourcing services enable you to save up to 30% to 40% of your operational costs. These services help avoid the following expenses involved in in-house billing:

•Recruitment and training of additional billing personnel
•Providing periodic training to staff
•Maintaining innovative structure and advanced technology
•Purchase of hardware and the latest billing software
•Payment of employee benefits, including additional allowances and bonuses, vacation pay, sick pay, and so on
•Implementation of retirement benefit schemes
•Purchase of office supplies required for claim processing and medical billing
•Patient statement expenses ( includes cost of paper, toner, postage, envelopes, and more)
•Maintenance costs
•Payroll taxes
•Direct claims processing costs
•Collection costs
Cost Comparison of In-House Medical Billing Vs Outsourced Medical Billing Services
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